Well-being and Care the Satchmo Way – Part II

In April of 1933 rising star Louis Armstrong made headlines when a British tabloid newspaper known as the Daily Express declared him deceased. The front-page article offered no cause of death. Follow-up reports proved unhelpful for readers since they featured contradicting and strange information. For example, one report claimed that Armstrong died from a dog... Continue Reading →

Turning of the Years

The year was 1914, he was 13 years old in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The year was 2008, she was 13 years old in Coconut Creek, Florida. 1 state, 830 miles and 94 years separated him from her and her from him.  He spent his last night singing with his boys and celebrating the turning of... Continue Reading →

Well-being and Care The Satchmo Way – Part I

Within the American music industry well-known performers must deal with a variety of challenges such as the pressures of fame, loneliness, adrenaline highs and lows, public scrutiny, creative blocks, round-the-clock travel, and inconsistent working hours. In the last several years, some journalists have made attempts to spotlight the topic of “artists’ well-being,” especially young musicians’... Continue Reading →

Perception, Perspective, and Vantage

In the most recent weeks, I have been working towards creating a virtual tour about Louis through the voices and perspectives of women in his life, along with Maglyn Bertrand, who is also serving as a museum fellow. While exploring this topic, the concept in many ways keeps offering parallels to some of the artwork... Continue Reading →


A few of my past blog posts have briefly mentioned what America was like when Louis Armstrong was born in the southern state of Louisiana. To elaborate further I would like to paint a picture for you, it was 1901, the turn of the twentieth century, and Louisiana was still battling the effects of being... Continue Reading →

The Power of Armstrong’s Voice

Louis Armstrong has one of the world’s most recognizable voices. To many, his raspy voice is iconic, marvelous, beautiful, incredible, and timeless. After reading comments left in the “comment section” of YouTube videos featuring Armstrong’s songs, I was not surprised that many people remarked that his voice inspires smiles and evokes nostalgia. Several recent comments... Continue Reading →

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