Memphis to Paris (On a Piano Stool)

Lillian Hardin Armstrong was a pianist, composer, and entertainer. She traveled around the world and entertained numerous fans with her music. Originally from Memphis, Tennessee, Armstrong went to Fisk University for a year, rose up through the ranks in the music industry to play with King Oliver’s Creole Jazz band, and eventually had her own... Continue Reading →

What a Wonderful Collage World!

Louis Armstrong was an accomplished musician, composer, and singer. During his free time Louis played his trumpet, wrote jokes, and recorded over 700 reels of audio. But there is one hobby that Louis had that not many people know about- Louis loved to make collages. These collages were made from newspaper clippings & headlines, letters,... Continue Reading →

Curated For Your Musical Tastes

As a Fellow at the Louis Armstrong House Museum and Archives I get to see first hand the personal belongings of Louis and Lucille Armstrong. Since beginning my fellowship, I have been fascinated with the Armstrongs’ record collection. For my first curated collection of images on the Collections website , I selected a few images... Continue Reading →

A Unique Homecoming

Last week was my introduction to being a fellow at the Louis Armstrong House Museum and Archives. I met a lot of new people, saw some old faces, and learned new things about the museum business and working at an archive.  Beginning my job as a fellow at the museum and archives was both a... Continue Reading →

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