The Woman Behind Louis?

Zelda Fitzgerald, Lillian Disney, Rachel Robinson, Jackie Kennedy, Eleanor Roosevelt, Coretta Scott King, and Lucille Armstrong -- these are some of the names of American women whose stories are told and intertwined with those of their husbands. This week I was determined to answer an inquiry I raised in the first blog of what I... Continue Reading →

Some Day

“Alexa, play “Some Day” by Louis Armstrong, on repeat,” I say, desperately needing something to bring the gears of my brain that have been constantly fixated on the concept of freedom, to a slow rotation, even better, a complete stop. With a deep inhale, I lay down on the couch, cross my ankles, fold my... Continue Reading →

Well-being and Care the Satchmo Way – Part II

In April of 1933 rising star Louis Armstrong made headlines when a British tabloid newspaper known as the Daily Express declared him deceased. The front-page article offered no cause of death. Follow-up reports proved unhelpful for readers since they featured contradicting and strange information. For example, one report claimed that Armstrong died from a dog... Continue Reading →

Turning of the Years

The year was 1914, he was 13 years old in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The year was 2008, she was 13 years old in Coconut Creek, Florida. 1 state, 830 miles and 94 years separated him from her and her from him.  He spent his last night singing with his boys and celebrating the turning of... Continue Reading →

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