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We’ve all been stuck at home for a while now and from the amount of people I see on the news breaking social distancing, people are getting tired of it. The weather is getting nice and people want to go places, however, we all should still practice social distancing and stay home. But just because we are home doesn’t mean that we can not go places. Museums around the world are now opening their doors–virtually! Over the past few weeks museums big and small are creating virtual experiences for visitors stuck at home. The Louis Armstrong House Museum also has a virtual exhibit that any can visit and learn more about the house and the archival collections. Virtual museums are a great activity to do with your family or if you want to visit a place you have never been before. 

Photo from the Louis Armstrong Archives

The virtual exhibit at the Louis Armstrong House Museum takes visitors inside the Armstrong house without leaving their own home. On the website you can listen to discussions from Gift Shop Manager Hyland Harris, take a virtual tour of the house with the Director of Research Collections Ricky Riccardi, and much more. The house itself is inaccessible in this current crisis but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it. Virtual exhibits also allow you to take your time and appreciate the museum experience in your own way. If you want to wear your pajamas and drink wine while looking through Louis’ house you have the opportunity to do so, the world is your oyster. Here is the link to the exhibit:

The Louis Armstrong House Museum (LAHM) virtual exhibit is an alternative way to experience Louis Armstrong and all that he has left behind. When visiting the house you cannot touch anything or take pictures but with the virtual exhibit you can connect with all the artifacts in the house. The virtual exhibit allows you to read articles about Louis’ life and can connect you to the collections website where you can explore all of the items in the archive. The exhibit gives you narratives in Louis’ life to follow through and explore his life. Because the house is not accessible for everyone, this is also a great way to see the entire house without issue or concern. 

Photo provided by the British Museum

    Famous museums around the world are doing their part in keeping people informed and entertained during this crisis. Museums such as the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C and the British Museum in London have virtual exhibits so you can virtually wander without worrying about closing time. Even after this pandemic is over these exhibits should stay online for multiple reasons. One reason is that not everyone has the finances to travel and museums have the duty to educate and to ensure that everyone regardless of background can enjoy them so virtual exhibits need to stay online. Another reason is that virtual museums are a great way for people who are separated because of various reasons to experience something together and bond over what they are looking at. One last reason is that an online museum might be a nice alternative for someone who doesn’t like visiting a traditional museum setting. Scrolling through items via a museum’s collections could help someone learn more about a topic than physically going to a museum. So while this pandemic is going on, take the time to search for a museum that you have always wanted to go to and you might find a virtual exhibit for you. 

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