Louis & Family

To Louis Armstrong, family meant everything. From his band members to his actual family members, those who were close to Louis experienced his warmth and generosity. It did not matter if he had not seen you in a long period of time, Louis always greeted people that he knew with happiness and joy. In this... Continue Reading →

Who tells your story?

What is the purpose of documenting oral history? Oddly enough this is a question that was not given much consideration prior to the midcentury. The public has generally relied on the interpretation of its collective history to be articulated via the masters of ivory towers but what about the interpretation of history from those that... Continue Reading →

Dinner Date with Red Beans & Rice

Way down yonder in New Orleans, the people are known nationwide for the delicious and soulful cuisine that puts smiles on faces and happiness in bellies. New Orleans is a melting pot of cultures that has contributed to the rich and illustrious culinary traditions of the city. What comes along with the delicious meals that... Continue Reading →

Virtual Museums to Enjoy

We’ve all been stuck at home for a while now and from the amount of people I see on the news breaking social distancing, people are getting tired of it. The weather is getting nice and people want to go places, however, we all should still practice social distancing and stay home. But just because... Continue Reading →

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