Queens Jazz Legacy

One of the greatest cultural exports that America has produced for the world are the wonderful genres of African American music. Throughout the U.S. many cities are known for being epicenters of various forms of Black American music. New Orleans is famously known as the birthplace of jazz, the Mississippi delta as the origin of... Continue Reading →

Louis and His Positivity

Many people know Louis Armstrong as a musician, singer, entertainer, and staple of jazz music. But not many people focus on Louis’ resilient spirit throughout his life. Louis spent his childhood in New Orleans in an area called The Battlefield and dealt with segregation, poverty, and the dangerous element that was frequent in his neighborhood.... Continue Reading →

Great Times at LAHM

Greetings everybody, hard to imagine but, already I have made it more than halfway through the LAHM fellowship. A lot has happened since I first started and I felt that it would be a good time to reflect on some of the highlights of this experience. My whole motivation for applying to this wonderful opportunity... Continue Reading →


What does it mean to preserve? In the dictionary, the word preserve has multiple meanings, but all of them refer to maintaining or protecting something from decay. This can refer to a physical object or an idea. But how do you preserve an idea? You cannot put it in a box or wrap it in... Continue Reading →

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