A Unique Homecoming

Last week was my introduction to being a fellow at the Louis Armstrong House Museum and Archives. I met a lot of new people, saw some old faces, and learned new things about the museum business and working at an archive. 

Beginning my job as a fellow at the museum and archives was both a new and old experience. In 2017, I worked as a museum intern at the Louis Armstrong House Museum and had a great experience. During that time I gave tours, helped the Visitor Experience Manager, and gave support during concerts and events. Now as a fellow my duties have expanded; I will be helping out at the archives, writing a new tour, creating a research project and working on the museum’s business side.

My first week started at the archives and I was introduced to another side of museum work. The Louis Armstrong House Archives located at Queens College is a vast resource of pictures, videos, personal belongings, and much more. I have a feeling that my time at the archives will be very informative and exciting as I gain new insight into Louis’ life and those around him. 

Working at the museum again has been a homecoming, but now as a fellow I am able to broaden my experience and contribute more to visitors’ experience. Being a fellow I am able to interpret Louis’ house and how he lived more deeply and connecting that to the information from the archives makes the experience richer. 

After my first week, I am confident that my fellowship will widen my knowledge of museum/archival work and allow me to understand how I can advance my career in this field. 


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