Unfettered Character: Louis’ Early years in New Orleans

Unfettered Character: Louis’ Early years in New Orleans One of the benefits of living in modernity is the ability to look back onto bygone eras and feel the warmth of societal progress. To be able to feel as if we as a collective have come so far from behavior, actions, laws, and populist mindsets that... Continue Reading →


A Unique Homecoming

Last week was my introduction to being a fellow at the Louis Armstrong House Museum and Archives. I met a lot of new people, saw some old faces, and learned new things about the museum business and working at an archive.  Beginning my job as a fellow at the museum and archives was both a... Continue Reading →

Week of Welcome

My week of orientation to the Louis Armstrong House Museum fellowship has been an insightful glimpse into the both wonderful and challenging projects that lie ahead. Out of the gate I was made to feel at home and to be part of a team that continues to honor the legacy of Louis Armstrong while fostering... Continue Reading →

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