The Armstrong Innovators; Louis the Archivist, Lucille the Curator

Louis and Lucille Armstrong were truly innovators of their time. From the strategic design of their modest home to the archival material that was birthed within it, each legend contributed considerably to the legacy of each other.     In December of 1950, Louis began what is now referred to as the Louis Armstrong Collection,... Continue Reading →

All Roads Lead To Louis

After two months as a fellow I have already learned and experienced more than I could have ever imagined. Probably the most enlightening aspect of this fellowship has been my interactions with the public. While conducting tours at the Louis Armstrong House Museum, I have been introduced to people from all walks of life that... Continue Reading →

Family Tree

Living in New York has proven to be more of an eye-opening experience than I could ever imagine. It has allowed me to gain immense knowledge through this fellowship, as well as from my own family. My father's side of the family resides in the Bronx; only a few stops away from Yankee Stadium. There... Continue Reading →

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