Black Like Me

While standing waiting in line, I overheard the conversation between a man and woman in front of me. "Wow, you're beautiful!" the man exclaimed. "What are you mixed with?" Immediately a scowl was planted on my face, as I could not control my disbelief and disgust. I've seen this scenario play out quite too often.... Continue Reading →

Is This Really Working? The Diversity Initiative

A great deal of my undergraduate career, but also postgraduate, has been about diversity. Whether it be the diversity in my career field, or the lack thereof, that’s what it’s all about. However, as I grow older and start to see how these initiatives work, or don’t, it’s becoming more stifling day by day considering... Continue Reading →

Too Far Gone

One thing that I’ve always admired about Louis is his humility. Despite extreme wealth and celebrity, he decided to live a “normal” life. Honestly speaking, if I were allotted the same fortune and opportunity as Louis, I may not have chosen to live as modestly as he did. Louis’s characteristics are rare and many celebrities do... Continue Reading →

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