“But, What About Lil?”

While giving guided tours at the Louis Armstrong House Museum, most people are intrigued to learn that Lucille was Louis’ fourth wife. Naturally, out of curiosity, they inquire about the previous leading ladies in Louis’ life. There was Daisy Parker (m. 1918, div. 1923), Lil Hardin (m. 1924, div. 1938), Alpha Smith (m. 1938, div.... Continue Reading →

Making An Image

The photos of a group of people generally tell their storied lives, and they live on in photo albums. Much of the photographs in the Louis Armstrong House Museum archives are of the man himself, but an additional amount of photographs are of his extended family and friends. These photos, like any other documentary practice,... Continue Reading →

75 Years Since Lucille’s Big Buy

Seventy five years ago, on March 3, 1943, Lucille put the down payment on the $8,000 home that stands at 34-56 107th St. Upon closing the deal, she moved her mother into the house, yet she kept the purchase a secret from Louis for over 8 months. It is evident that Lucille had no intent of... Continue Reading →

It Takes A Village

During undergrad, unsure of how I’d make a name on my college campus, I began writing reviews and columns about our neighboring art museum at Spelman College. After Spelman College Museum of Fine Art mounted the exhibit Maren Hassinger . . . Dreaming, which looked at the artist’s 40-year art career, I took the chance and... Continue Reading →

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