The Annual 2018 Louis Armstrong House Museum Gala

The 2018 Louis Armstrong House Museum Gala was nothing short of amazing. The event took place at Capitale in the Bowery of NYC. The venue itself was breathtaking, from the elaborately adorned ceilings, to the contemporary and sophisticated centerpieces that graced the dinner tables. Waiters glided amongst the guests, offering an array of hors d’oeuvres. Photographers were present, sure to skillfully capture the priceless moments. Of course the highlight of the event, were the gracious people who attended the gala to show their support of Louis!


The Music Honoree of the night was world renowned trombonist Wycliff Gordon! Since we recently celebrated the 50th year anniversary of “What a Wonderful World” it was only fitting that the jazz enthusiast performed that tune along with The Interschool Orchestras of New York Wind Symphony.


The Louis Armstrong House Museum Legacy Honoree was none other than The Louis Armstrong Educational Foundation. The Foundation has provided many years of support to LAHM. They have also worked diligently to foster programs, workshops and lectures on the history of music education.

A special tribute was presented in honor of Michael Cogswell. He has dedicated 26 years of hard work and determination towards the Louis Armstrong House Museum. He dedicated his time and efforts into transforming Louis and Lucille’s home into a museum that welcomes thousands of visitors each year.

Even though I was on duty, it felt nothing like work! I was tasked with ushering the guests to have their photos taken in front of the backdrop prior to entering the ballroom, as well as assisting with passing out the awards of the evening.  A memorable night to say the least! It was fun mingling and making new acquaintances all the while.





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