A Moment In Time: Louis Armstrong in Leopoldville

Last week, Deja Patterson wrote briefly about Louis Armstrong in Leopoldville. Therefore, I thought it was only fitting to share the article I wrote about Leopoldville and how he stopped a war. It'll be featured in the fall issue of The Dippermouth. With everything happening in contemporary culture surrounding civil discourse, we’re often confronted with... Continue Reading →

Louis’ Legacy Abroad

Growing up, I was always familiar with an unforgettable name, “Louis Armstrong.” I easily identified him as an African-American jazz legend. I always admired him as an American Great. It was not until I began giving tours at The Louis Armstrong House Museum did I realize his international following. A large majority of the visitors... Continue Reading →

It All Starts Here

When I began this fellowship, I would have never thought I’d be able to easily give a tour to a group of people, let alone one person, and do it with such ease. Despite having a speech impediment and the tendency to get nervous, I’ve given tours to so many people at the house and... Continue Reading →

Frozen In Time

It’s always riveting to be an outsider peering in. As a museum staff member, I always enjoy visiting other museums. This week my colleagues and I visited The Lower East Side Tenement Museum and The Merchant’s House Museum. Being a Mississippi native, these experiences were notable because I acquired more knowledge about the people who... Continue Reading →

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