Solid Foundations

After my first week’s experience as a curatorial fellow, I thought that it was nearly impossible to surpass my initial level of excitement. However, as time progressed my enthusiasm grew. I am elated to have learned more about the mechanics of museum operations. I was given a variety of tasks that allowed me to gain a fundamental understanding.

At the beginning of the week I shadowed numerous docents while diligently studying the tour guide manual. Towards the end of the week I was prepared to give my first tour. It was phenomenal to interact with visitors from nearby and abroad who had an interest in Louis’ legacy. Being able to maneuver through Louis’ home, recollecting about his life and career was a sacred opportunity. The highlight from my first tour was seeing the glimmer in visitors’ eyes when Louis’ voice chimed over the loudspeaker in the living room.

I have observed that versatility plays an important factor while working with museum operations. During this week I became familiarized with the front desk. I learned how to control the register and manage the gift shop in the welcome center.

Another task that I have been introduced to is scheduling group tours.  I have learned to correlate the digital calendars with the hard copy group tour confirmation folder located at the front desk. I have also been tasked with giving a group tour.

By Saturday, I was able to utilize all of the skills I acquired throughout the week. I wish to continue to learn more about Louis and museum operations within the same breath. I expect to retain all knowledge as it presented to me.


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