“Dizzy at 100”

John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie is credited as a pioneer in American jazz music. Dizzy was a longtime friend of Louis Armstrong.  Throughout his career he worked with eminent swing bands like that of Benny Carter and Charlie Barnet. He also popularized the style of bebop. The staff at the Louis Armstrong House Museum was invited... Continue Reading →


A Moment In Time: Louis Armstrong in Leopoldville

Last week, Deja Patterson wrote briefly about Louis Armstrong in Leopoldville. Therefore, I thought it was only fitting to share the article I wrote about Leopoldville and how he stopped a war. It'll be featured in the fall issue of The Dippermouth. With everything happening in contemporary culture surrounding civil discourse, we’re often confronted with... Continue Reading →

Louis’ Legacy Abroad

Growing up, I was always familiar with an unforgettable name, “Louis Armstrong.” I easily identified him as an African-American jazz legend. I always admired him as an American Great. It was not until I began giving tours at The Louis Armstrong House Museum did I realize his international following. A large majority of the visitors... Continue Reading →

It All Starts Here

When I began this fellowship, I would have never thought I’d be able to easily give a tour to a group of people, let alone one person, and do it with such ease. Despite having a speech impediment and the tendency to get nervous, I’ve given tours to so many people at the house and... Continue Reading →

Frozen In Time

It’s always riveting to be an outsider peering in. As a museum staff member, I always enjoy visiting other museums. This week my colleagues and I visited The Lower East Side Tenement Museum and The Merchant’s House Museum. Being a Mississippi native, these experiences were notable because I acquired more knowledge about the people who... Continue Reading →

A New Structure

More than often, I’m reminded that the work we do here at the house and archives is remarkable, simply because it’s all about the legacy of one person, one man, and legend –– Louis Armstrong. Over the span of six decades, Armstrong’s career trajectory noticeably represented that of a world renowned musician, philanthropist, activist, ambassador... Continue Reading →

Solid Foundations

After my first week’s experience as a curatorial fellow, I thought that it was nearly impossible to surpass my initial level of excitement. However, as time progressed my enthusiasm grew. I am elated to have learned more about the mechanics of museum operations. I was given a variety of tasks that allowed me to gain a... Continue Reading →

Hear Me Now

Often in life, our experiences affirm the career trajectory we presumably aim, or expect, to follow. For many of us, there’s an innate feeling that draws us towards something – and somehow we stick to it. I stuck to art, not merely to play, but as a catalyst for life. And now, I arrive here... Continue Reading →

My First Week as a Curatorial Fellow

Meaningful interactions with those around me have always been highlighted on my list of priorities. I am often described as “eccentric,” “outgoing” and “artistic.” My love for human interaction blossomed when I began a year long internship at the Mississippi Museum of Art. I was given the power to enlighten others while delivering guided tours.... Continue Reading →

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