Reflections from a past Louis Armstrong House Fellow

Stories are told in many different ways, narratives, biographies and even autobiographies. Louis Armstrong left the world with what I would call a tangible autobiography. I believe this set a catalysis for anyone that has encountered what we call the Louis Armstrong Experience. It is the simple moment of understanding that you can be the... Continue Reading →

Meditations on Popular Music Exhibitions continued

Note to readers: This blog post is a continuation of one uploaded on August 13, 2021 -- The two blogs posts should be read as one piece, not two stand-alone pieces. The author retains all ownership rights of the prose.The author also retains the right to use any or all the prose in future... Continue Reading →

Meditations on Popular Music Exhibitions

In July I explored the Museum of the City of New York’s exhibition New York, New Music: 1980-1986. En route to the museum, I wondered whether its exhibition would be exceptional and offer something in content or layout that would depart from similar popular music exhibitions I had seen previously. The day of my visit... Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk: Artist, Archives and Museums

Here’s the update: I, along with my fellow Fellow Maglyn Bertrand, have been working with the Louis Armstrong House Museum and Archives for eleven months now. We’ve almost made a year of what was originally only a ten-month-long fellowship. It has transformed into a catalyst of adventuring and exploring the life and career of one... Continue Reading →

Fellowship Reflections

On September 25, 2020, I authored my first blog post for this webpage. In that initial post, I drew attention to the sounds of Armstrong’s den, his personal archive, and the reel-to-reel tape recordings he made in that room. I could not have predicted that my interest in exploring Armstrong’s interactions with audio technology and... Continue Reading →

As Told By Women

Telling Louis Armstrong’s life story featuring the voices of women he encountered during his journey was a goal that Fellow Maglyn Bertrand and I were assigned during the Fall. I believe creating a tour that highlights women’s perspectives has inspired Maglyn and me to draw on and reflect on our own experiences as women. By... Continue Reading →

Armstrong’s Fan Club – Part II

In 1957, Armstrong and the All Stars went on a goodwill tour of several South American countries including Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, and Venezuela. After landing at Buenos Aires’ airport, a welcome party consisting of some 5,000 ecstatic Argentines, greeted Armstrong and the All Stars on the tarmac. Two police escorts attempted to help Armstrong... Continue Reading →

“Accurate but Incomplete”

“It’s sadly easy to reverse meaning, in fact, to tell a lie, by offering an accurate but incomplete quote,”1 said author Octavia Butler in an Essence article in 2000. After reading this article, I began to think about Louis’ life; how his collections have humanized the man from the legend the world thought they knew... Continue Reading →

Armstrong’s Fan Club – Part I

I would like to think that if I had lived during Louis Armstrong’s time and had the opportunity to meet him, I would know how to act and what to say. However, based on my previous interactions with certain contemporary musicians during official and unofficial “meet and greets,” I am not certain I would be... Continue Reading →

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